miniOrange Offers For Atlassian Are Here!

miniOrange app pricing depends on the user license for host applications. Below are some offers for our customers and pricing details for our add-ons.


Discount offers - Get these Apps for Upto 50% OFF

Terms and Conditions Apply





1 app

  • 15% OFF for User Tiers ranging from 250 and above.

  • 10% OFF for User Tiers below 250

2 apps

30% OFF on 2nd App

3 apps

50% OFF on 3rd App

4 apps

100% OFF on Any 1 App







With Any SAML App

50% OFF

on Rest API, User Sync, Kerberos or User Management

With Any OAuth App

50% OFF

on Rest API, User Sync, Kerberos or User Managemet, Git Authentication

With Any 2FA App

50% OFF

on Web Auth

Contact us at or Create a Support Ticket

For Additional Discounts on our Add-Ons please reach out to us.

How to avail miniOrange offers?

To avail the above discount, please follow the below steps

  • Buy app license for the highest user tier app with the highest sale value.

  • Share the License ID (SEN) with us.

  • We’ll provide you with a promo code for the discount.


Steps to apply promo code for a discount

  • Add the app you wish to purchase to your cart.

  • Click on the promo code link shared by us.

  • The discount will be reflected in your cart.

  • Proceed with the payment.


Terms & Conditions

The license expense must apply to the highest user tier app, and a discount must be provided for the lowest user tier app license. For example, if you buy a license for $1000 and decide to purchase another license for $500, the offer would apply on the second $500 purchase. Discounts are available for Jira, confluence, Bitbucket SSO apps on 100 or more user tiers. If you buy Bamboo then for more than 10 remote agents. Not applicable on Server Renewals. For Data Center Renewals please contact us.

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