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miniOrange app pricing depends on the user license for host applications. Below are some offers for our customers and pricing details for our add-ons.

Discount offers - Get these Apps for Upto 50% OFF

Terms and Conditions Apply




1 app

  • 15% OFF for User Tiers ranging from 250 and above.

  • 10% OFF for User Tiers below 250

2 apps

30% OFF on 2nd App

3 apps

50% OFF on 3rd App

4 apps

100% OFF on Any 1 App




With Any SAML App

50% OFF

on Rest API, User Sync, Kerberos or User Management

With Any OAuth App

50% OFF

on Rest API, User Sync, Kerberos or User Managemet, Git Authentication

With Any 2FA App

50% OFF

on Web Auth


Contact us at or Create a Support Ticket

For Additional Discounts on our Add-Ons please reach out to us.

How to avail miniOrange offers?


To avail the above discount, please follow the below steps

  • Buy app license for the highest user tier app with the highest sale value.

  • Share the License ID (SEN) with us.

  • We’ll provide you with a promo code for the discount.